County of Chestnuts

The County of Chestnuts was named because it originally had a lot of chestnut trees. Centuries later, it now has a fairly modest number of chestnut trees. The name has stuck, and chestnuts are still a major part of the local identity.


The realm is a holding of House Fremiss-Angharad within Duchy of Greater Gorisonad making the realm somewhat of an oddity though this branch of the Fremiss-Angharad is tightly related to the Gorisonads by marriage, so it rarely causes serious friction.

Industry & Trade

The realm produces a good agricultural which makes up for its deficits in other things.   Chestnut wood furniture is fashionable in Swynfaredia so there is a cottage industry of carpenters here.  
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The realm is also a center for the bonecracker egg industry, bonecracker eggs being a popular luxury food in Swynfaredia.   While most egg laying bonecrackers are widely dispersed, most of Swynfaredias bonecracker roosters and breeding hens are here making this a nexus point for professional bonecracker keepers. It helps that bonecrackers really like chestnuts.


The realm has rarely been a center of major historical events.   The most noteworthy event of history is when the convoluted inheritance system of Kingdom of Swynfaredia flipped the county from House Gorisonad to House Fremiss-Angharad.

Points of interest

The realm is pretty nondescript apart from a few castles and lots of farmer's homesteads.   The most interesting landmark is probably the Village of Bonecrackers, so named because they have lots of bonecrackers.


The realm is a little bit more forested than the norm for the Old Swynfaredia Region, but not by an extreme amount.   Like most of the region, the area is relatively flat and dominated by cultivated farms and pastureland.


temperate with relatively mild winters

Natural Resources

Farmland and chestnut trees are the only real natural resources here to speak of.
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