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bonecracker eggs

"The egg I'm holding is actually from a young bonecracker hen, essentially a pullet egg. Maybe about a third smaller than an ordinary bonecracker egg"   -Roodnat, gnome chef
  Bonecrackers are domesticated flightless pterodactyl-like beast once extensively kept as domesticated animals in the the First Age  Their eggs are roughly the size of watermelons, a single egg can feed a whole family.  They taste similar but not identical to chicken eggs and are prepared in similar ways.  
"Bonecracker eggs don't really taste that different from chicken eggs, and given the cost of feeding a bonecracker versus feeding a chicken, bonecracker eggs cost twice as much as chicken eggs pound for pound, but some people are willing to pay extra for the novelty of eating a giant egg or they like to eat the same food as ancient dragons.   All things considered, they aren't too expensive. Bonecracker eggs are a luxury peasants can afford for special occasions, so it's not just for nobles. Swynfaredians, especially high born Swynferadians like to think they are eating the same food dragon's once ate, so it should surprise no one that bone cracker eggs are a lot more common in Swynfaredian than out of it.   -Roodnat, gnome chef
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