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Duchy of Greater Kovenoth

The Duchy of Greater Kovenoth is the historical seat of power for House Kovenoth.


Administratively, the duchy is split into four counties, all fairly small compared to the average sized county in Swynfaredia, two controlled directly by House Gareth, one by House Fremiss-Bryallan and a fourth by House Gorisonad, the latter being the redheaded step child of the bunch.   The Gorisonad Count is a source of frequent annoyance for the Duchess of Greater Kovenoth as he dislikes taking orders from what he views as a lesser house.

Industry & Trade

The realm is mostly agrarian, but has a decent sized town near the ducal castle that is the center of the realm's skilled trades.


The Duchy of Greater Kovenoth was the original seat of House Kovenoth. As the House declines, so as their ancestral duchy.   The duchy retains most of Kovenoth's historical castles and monuments but they have lost the majority of their most economically productive lands. A pattern echoed in Koveonth's holdings elsewhere.   The realm has a lot of heirloom treasures, but not a steady flow of coins.


The realm has some of the largest and most beautiful castles and temples in Old Swynfaredia Region.


House Kovenoth was founded by Kovenoth the Builder. While the Kovenoths have faced declining fortunes in the last few centuries, they remain the gold standard of Swynfaredian architecture even today though they have not made any undertaken any new large architectural projects in some time. It is all they can do to maintain what architectural treasures they have.


The realm is mostly flat and covered in cultivated farmland dotted with a few carefully tended woodlands.


Temperate with relatively mild winters.

Natural Resources

The realm has fertile farmland and a potent magic font, providing fertile ground for gathering reagents.   The realm has modest timberland, but almost negliglible mineral resources, having been force to yield their mines to other territories as punishment for backing the losing side of every Swynfaredian civil war.
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