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Gorisonad Matriarch

The Gorisonad Matriarch/Patriarch is the House Gorisonad version of Swynfaredian Matriarchs/Patriarchs.


The Gorisonad's prefer to keep the position of Matriarch/Patriarch as informal as they can.   All the elder men and women of the House that don't have to run a realm or lead an army are expected to regularly weigh in on matters affecting the family as a whole. Normally, the man or woman viewed as the most experienced, most clever, or simply most interested naturally falls into the role of Matriarch or Patriarch.   If everyone treats a lady like the Matriarch, than she is the Matriarch, simple as that.   If for whatever reason, the role of House Matriarch or Patriarch is in contention, a meeting takes place where all the land holding Gorisonads (or more likely, their proxies) take a vote at a secret loation.


The main duty, like with most Swynfaredian Matriarchs/Patriarchs, is to propose and approve of proper marriages to preserve the house's political and magical power.   In Gorisonad, the Matriarch or Patriarch informally helps sets house priorities on politics and acts as a cog in the House communication network to make sure Gorisonads in distant provinces can remain coordinated enough to ostensibly act as one body. No feat in a house known for complex intrigues...

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Most of the matriarchs adn patriarchs are fairly old so they usually leave their office by dying old age. An unpopular or incompetant leader can find herself out office when other Gorisonads simply stop listening to her. A few have died in somewhat mysterious circumstances, but this is pretty rare all things considered. Why bother to assassinate someone who nature may assassinate for you?
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Length of Term
usually for life
Current Holders
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