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Patriarch of House Numaness

House Numaness has Matriarchs/Patriarchs similar to the other houses. THe current holder is a man and therefore a Patriarch.   What makes the Numaness Patriarch different from other Patriarchs and Matriarchs is that the the Numaness Patriarch has less power and influence over his house than his peers in other Houses because most of the royal family has the surname Numaness.   Both the House Patriarch/Matriarch and the King/Queen can claim to be the true head of House Numaness.


House Numaness was the one of the first founding houses to adopt a House Matriarch, back when women couldn't inherit titles, but shortly after Second Swynfaredian Civil War let female dragon bloods hold land and titles, House Numaness as a whole largely abandoned the informal office of their Matriarch into obscurity.   Only after the Third Swynfaredian Civil War did the Numaness Matriarch/Patriarch rise back to a position of prominence and respect. At the time the Queen of Swynfaredia had much bigger things on her to-do list than arranging marriages, so she was happy to delegate this task to another.   In the generations since, friction has gradually grown between the head of House Numaness and the Swynfaredian throne as minor disagreements slowly and steadily bubble to the surface.
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usually life or until they lose the respect and trust of House Numaness
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