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Patriarch of House Gruffyl

House Gruffyl's patriarch operates in the same basic way as the other Swynfaredian Matriarchs/Patriarchs, but there are a few differences.


1676 to 1732 Count Gruffyl the half dragon and Lady Glynnis ap Gorisonad   1732 to 1741 Lady Glynnis ap Gorisonad   1741 to 1789 Count Kynan ap Gruffyl   1789 to 1821 Lady Ebrilla ap Gruffyl   1821 to 1838^ Count Rohdri ap Gruffyl   Unlike most Houses, Gruffyl's ceremonial head of house has been male dominated with far more patriarchs than matriarchs. They have also generally been more politically active than most other house ceremonial leaders, more focused on economics and war than simply marriages.   The current patriarch Rohdri ap Gruffyl and his grandfather before him very much treat House Gruffyl as an extension of their cult of personality rather than seeing themselves as a guardian of a legacy bigger than themselves (though they won't publicly admit ths). Which isn't that different from how Gruffyl himself behaved.
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