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Count Gruffyl the half dragon

Count Gruffyl (a.k.a. the half-dragon)

Gruffyl the half dragon is a founder of one of the minor Swynfaredian houses, House Gruffyl.   Basically, he barged into Swynfaredia and leveraged the fact that he was a half-dragon to demand a seat at the table.   He was a fairly blunt and unsophisticated bully. He was married off to a human dragonblood woman in 1676 who was more subtle and was able to manipulate him like a big blue puppet. Their kids took after their mother creating a noble family of clever schemers but they kept their father's arrogance and sense of entitlement.  

Physical Description

Facial Features

Often when dealing with half-dragons, people miss the finer details, but Gruffyl had subtle heterochromia. His children and grandchildren rapidly lost their more overt draconic traits, but heterochromia has stubbornly persisted in his descendants.

Identifying Characteristics

Gruffyl had functional wings that allowed him to fly without casting a spell, but for relatively short bursts as it was taxing.   He did eventually eureka a spell to augment his natural wings to let him fly faster, farther, and longer. Essentially a lower level version of Overland Flight.   He had no natural breath weapon, but he was a talented invoker and usually fired his invocation spells out of his mouth, fairly common for half dragons and quarter dragons.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

His history before coming to Swynfaredia is largely unknown. It was rumored the he hailed from Penarchia but there wasn't much evidence to back this up other than the fact that the dragons in Penarchia tend to produce more bastard half-dragon dragon children than dragons in other lands.   He was somewhat rude and abrasive, while many dragonblooded Swynfaredians, enjoyed the novelty of standing in the presence of an actual half-dragon, but few liked his personality, so he was not invited to many feasts and banquets.   He was not half as effective a schemer as he hoped, his wife and children did most of the proverbial heavy lifting for intrigue.


Lady Glynnis ap Gorisonad

wife (Vital)

Towards Count Gruffyl the half dragon



Count Gruffyl the half dragon

husband (Important)

Towards Lady Glynnis ap Gorisonad



This is an extension of my Spooktober Claw entry
1598 CE 1732 CE 134 years old
Circumstances of Birth
Greymoria's Zodiac Year, Maylar's Zodiac Month
Circumstances of Death
illness, slow poison possibly involved.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
blue scales
Other Affiliations
Known Languages
Common, Draconic, Elven
Founded Settlements

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