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Transmutation Spell List

First Circle Transmutation Spells

  Animate Rope: Animate rope to tie knots, trip enemies, rig a ship or do other things animate ropes do. 10 minutes per success. Dexterity   Darkvision: Target can see 60 feet in total darkness. At three successes this is doubled to 120 feet, Perception   Fast Movement: Doubles caster’s base speed for 10 minutes per success. Dexterity   Faerie Gold: Worthless items looks like something valuable for one hour per success. Leaves can turn into gold coins or rags can turn into an elegant dress. Contact with cold iron breaks the enchantment early. This spell and how to break it is common knowledge, at least among most merchants and traders who usually carry a cold iron ingot. Manipulation   Feather Fall^: Slow down a fall enough to land safely. Wits   Household Transmuting: Spell cleans floors, dishes, and the like. Mends minor tears in items. Moves paint from a bucket onto the wall cleanly. Wits   Jump: Caster gains five dice on all jumping rolls for one minute per success. Strength   Spider Climb: Target Reduce all climb difficulties by -4 for 20 minutes per success. Target can “climb” upside down at difficulty 7. Dexterity      

Second Circle Transmutation Spells

  Fly (Feather Fall, Jump): Target flies for 10 minutes per success. Dexterity     Haste (Expeditious Retreat): Two targets per success get +1 dot of Dexterity for ten minutes per success. Dexterity     Partial Polymorph (Spiderclimb, Darkvision, Jump): The caster polymorphs part of his/her body. Usually this is to get claws or a similar natural weapon for 30 minutes per successes, but you can glide on bat wings, morph your legs into a merfolk like fish tail and get other benefits.   The more successes you roll, the better your transformation is. For instance one success will get you Strength + 1 lethal claws. Three successes will get you Strength +2 claws and five successes will get you Strength +3 claws.   For the above mentioned mermaid tail, expect a caster with one success to be a clumsy swimmer (+1 difficulty on all Dexterity rolls) while five successes might let the caster outswim a real mermaid. Stamina     Slow (Expeditious Retreat): Two targets per success get +1 difficulty on all Dexterity rolls for ten minutes per success. Manipulation     Water breathing (Spider climb, Jump, Darkvision): Target gains the ability to breathe water for one hour per success (or the ability to breathe air if they are a merfolk or something similar). Stamina      

Third Circle Transmutation Spells

    Physical Augmentation: Target gains one dot of a physical attribute of the caster’s choice per success. You can take it all in one attribute or spread the successes out. Maximum is the target’s normal trait maximum plus two. Each dot of Stamina provides an extra Bruise level. Clothes and armor change slightly with the target so no one rips their shirts growing new muscles.   Maximum is the target’s normal trait maximum plus two. Raising an attribute above the maximum usually makes the target stand out as being obviously magically enhanced. Any physical attribute     Polymorph (Partial Polymorph, Spiderclimb, Darkvision, Jump): You turn into something else. Even when polymorphed some aspect of your original form remain. At best you look like a generic member of the species you turned into. This spell lets you mimick a generic goblin, but doesn’t let you polymorph into General Martok, the feared goblin warlord, at least not well enough to fool his men.   If the subject you want to polymorph has a supernatural power that you don’t (flight, a breath weapon, etc), you need extra successes to mimic these power. For instance if you want to be a Pegasus, one success can turn you into a winged horse, but you need at least three successes for your wings not to just be purely cosmetic. You would need five successes to have strong enough wings to bear the weight of an armored rider in flight. Wits     Stoneshape (Household Transmutation): You can shape stone with your mind. If you don’t have Craft (stoneworking) your shapes are pretty crude. It’s easier to punch a hole in a stone wall than to make perfectly interlocking masonry bricks. You get a -2 difficulty break on mundane stone craft when using this spell. Dexterity    

Fourth Circle Transmutation Spells

  Beneficial Polymorph (Polymorph): This works like polymorph, but you can use this power on other people, providing they are willing. Manipulation   Body Warp (Partial Polymorph): Touch attack inflicts one die of physical attribute damage per success rolled, soaked by Stamina. Strength   Ghost Form: Caster becomes incorporeal for ten minutes per success rolled. Stamina     Overland Flight (Fly): Targets can fly for one hour per success Stamina      

Fifth Circle Transmutation Spells

Baleful Polymorph (Body Warp)This works like Beneficial Polymorph, but you do not need the subject’s permission. This is resisted by Wllpower. More successes result in more dramatic changes. If you want to merely disfigure someone you hate, it takes one net success. You want to turn them into a cockroach you need to win by five successes. Manipulation     Flesh to Stone (stone shape): Target is turned to stone if they fail to resist your spell with Willpower. This spell can also be used to undo a petrification attack. Manipulation     Mass Physical Augmentation (Physical Augmentation): As physical augmentation but it affects two targets per success. Any physical attribute     Move Earth (stone shape): Creates trenches and earth mounds. Dexterity

Condensed Spell List

  (1) Darkvision (Perception), Expeditious Retreat (Dexterity), Faerie Gold (Manipulation), Feather Fall^ (Wits), Household Transmuting (Wits), Jump (Strength), Spider Climb (Dexterity)   (2) Fly (Dexterity), Haste (Dexterity), Partial Polymorph (Stamina), Slow (Manipulation), Water breathing (Stamina),   (3)Physical Augmentation (Any physical attribute), Polymorph (Wits), Stoneshape (Dexterity),   (4) Body Warp (Strength), Beneficial Polymorph (Manipulation), Ghost Form (Stamina), Overland Flight (Stamina)   (5) Baleful Polymorph (Manipulation), Flesh to Stone (Manipulation), Mass Physical Augmentation (Any physical attribute), Move Earth (Dexterity)


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