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Cisco the Red

General Cisco (a.k.a. the Red)

by Me with Hero Forge
-Jaromir, Fumayan Priest of Khemras
"Cisco the Red was named for his red hair. He was a great warrior and general in the wars against Vladimir the Conqueror.   He was eventually known as Cisco of the Blazing Shield because he was the last known wielder of the legendary Shield of the Sun's Splendor which could burn vampires like true sunlight and served as a literal beacon of inspiration.
  Cisco was a mighty warrior and inspiring leader before he got the shield, and after his death, he is still an inspiring figure with or without the shield. A fine Tapukeah, an example of what all Dusk warriors to should aspire to be.   He was and is proof that a holy warrior does not need to be a theurgist in order to be formidable.   Sadly, he is also an object lesson in caution as he was ultimately defeated not on the battefield, but by poison. Who did it or how is not exactly known. No, I will not give credence to the blasmphous rumor that he was poisoned by a prostitute.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
Currently Held Titles
39 BCE 5 BCE 34 years old
Circumstances of Birth
believed to have one Zodiac sign of Hallisan and another of Khemra
Circumstances of Death
mysterious poison
Place of Death
command tent
Aligned Organization

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