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Shield of the Sun's Splendor

by Me with Hero Forge
-Jaromir, Fumayan Priest of Khemra
"The Shield of the Sun's Splendor is probably the best known of Legendary Divine Talismans despite that it is so rarely seen. Khemra bestows the shield on her greatest warriors at their times of greatest need.   The shield shines like gold but is much lighter and stronger than gold, virtually indestructible.
It's true power is that it shines like the sun. The shield will often flare just when an attacker is trying to strike at or shoot at the bearer disrupting their attack. The shine of the shield is also said to inspire allies and intimidate enemies. This is why the shield is not just bestowed on great warriors, but it is bestowed on great leaders."


by Eron12 with Hero Forge
Akeem of Magicland, professor Emeritus of History
"Many Legendary Divine Talismans saw frequent use during the Second Unmaking and the Shield of the Blazing Sun seemed to have had at least two owners during this dark time.   Given that the Shield of the Blazing Sun is one of the more obvious legendary talismans, it shows up in many accounts.
  Multiple written and oral accounts agree that the shield was said to be present at the battles that led to the death of the the Extinguisher and the Vandal (also reinforcing the idea that the Extinguisher and/or the Vandal was an anti-Khemra being). Given that multiple sources corrorabate that the Shield's presence at these climatic battles, it seems we can consider it a fact that it was here.   There are uncorrobated accounts that the Shield was used many many times by many people, including by a lieutenant of Lensa Vaxidor during the battle that destroyed the Harbinger and by a kobold warrior during the battle that destroyed the Annihilator.   Other less epic accounts speak of a stranger with a blazing shield performing last minute rescues of bands of survivors cornered by Void demons. While none of these accounts were corroberated, there are enough similarities in these tales that I believe that at least one bearer of the Shield did act as a roving adventurer helping small groups in this manner.
by Me with Hero Forge
-Jaromir, Fumayan Priest of Khemras
"Cisco the Red (named for his red hair) was a great warrior in the war against Vladimir the Conqueror and a staunch warrior of the Dusk Order. He was eventually known as Cisco of the Blazing Shield.   Cisco was the greatest Khemra-affiliated general of his age. He was a great warrior and general before he had the Shield and he was an even greater warrior when he had the shield.
  The light flares of the Shield of the Sun's Splendor creates true sunlight. The light from the shield was enough to injure vampires though not enough to kill them outright. This caused a lot of vampires to avoid direct conflict with Cisco and his soldiers, so Cisco spent much of the war fighting Vladimir's human allies or lesser undead hordes, but the shield was still useful against them too. The Lady of Light crafted the shield to inspire men in battle, not injure vampires, that was just a side benefit.
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