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Horns of the Lost Titans

Over the millennia, great beasts have lived and died. Some are no longer with us. Many died out entirely during the Unmaking or due to greedy hunters. Some died out due to natural competition.   While mortals do not always remember or know of these lost beasts, Korus always remembers. The Horns of the Lost Titans remind mortals of grandeur that they might have forgotten or never known.   -Selenar, wood elf druid, Steward of the Dominion
  The Horns of the Lost Titans are the best known Legendary Divine Talismans created by the god Korus. Korus bestows these Horns on exemplars of his ideals who he can trust to not to abuse the power given them.   There are several Horns of the Lost Titans, but each Horn is unique and tied to a specific animal. Known examples include but by no means are limited to the Horn of the Mastodon, the Horn of the Triceratops, and the Horn of the Sabretooth,   When blown, each horn conjures a living member of an extinct animal race. The beast will unquestionably obey the hornblower and the beast and summoner have an empathic link. The beast will act as a mount, sentry, guard, or beast of burden for the summoner, whatever he or she needs.   Typically the beast will remain in the material plane for several hours or until incapacitated or slain, though the summoner can dismiss the beast at any time.   Smaller beasts tend to last longer than larger beasts. The Horn of the Sabertooth typically summons a Sabretooth tiger for between four and twelve hours while the Horn of the Tyrannosaurus rarely lasts longer than an hour. The Horn blower can extend the duration of the summoning by fueling the horn with his or her own power of will.   The mightier the beast, the less often a horn can be used. The Horn of the Sabretooth can be used daily while the Horn of the Tyrannosaurus can be used weekly at best. If the beast in question was injured when the last summoning ended, it takes double or triple the usual "recharge time" usual before the Horn can be used again. If the beast was slain, it takes at least ten times the time before it can be used again.   Korus only bestows these Horns on mortals who earned his favor. If one of these Horns is stolen, the unrighteous horn blower will end up summoning beasts which will not obey his commands and attack him immediately.  

Horns of the Beast Kings

  The Horns of the Lost Titans are crafted by Korus himself. Korus' Stewards have themselves crafted lesser copies known as the "Horns of the Beast Kings."   The Horns of the Beast Kings operate in mostly the same fashion except that they conjure contemporary animals instead of extinct animals. A Horn of the Lion will summon a lion, a Horn of the Elephant will summon an elephant, etc. Unlike the Horns of the Lost Titans, the Horns of the Beast Kings are replicable.   There are at least three or four copies of the "Horn of the Lion" circulating around Scarterra and there are half a hundred copies of the "Horn of the Horse" in circulation.   A few of these lesser horns are enchanted so as to only work for loyal followers of Korus, but most do not have such theft protection built in. They can be used utilized by anyone who picks them up.


Beyond the power these horns wield in and of themselves, simply possessing a Horn of the Lost Titans is a great badge of honor and status among the Stewards or any Korus-friendly community.
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It is believed there are dozens of Horns of the Lost Titans, but each one is unique and there is only one Horn for any class of animal so there is only one of Horn of the Mastodon and only one Horn of the Triceratops.

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