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The Harbinger

Once believed to be the literal reincarnation of Turoch himself, historians later renamed the first Demon Lord as "the Harbinger".   As stated above, the Harbinger was the first Demon Lord to walk the mortal plane of Scarterra. Entering from the north pole, the Harbinger and his demon army flew straight at the kingdom of Disteria laying waste to it and then turning to ravage the rest of the continent of Colassia before being confronted by a multi-nation elven army including a troupe of elite mages and led by the legendary heroine Lensa Vaxidor.   The magical energies that struck down the Harbinger split the continent of Colassia into West Colassia and East Colassia and caused massive tremors throughout Scarterra felt even in the southern hemisphere.   The Harbinger had a major advantage that the other Demon Lords did not enjoy, the Harbinger had the element of surprise because no one expected an army of demons to come pouring through The Barrier . But the Harbinger had a disadvantage the other Demon Lords did not have to deal with. The Harbinger's mortal enemies were all at full strength. All of the legendary mages in Vaxidor's coalition died taking out the Harbinger, so none of the other Demon Lords were in danger of being slain by a similar mystic ritual of that scale.   While a lot of lesser demons served under many Demon Lords and the Demon Lord's armies waxed and waned in numbers, it is believed that the Harbinger probably had the largest army of any Demon Lord, at least in terms of Void demons. The Harbinger did not retain many faceless in his horde instead opting to cut most of them loose. The Harbinger had no non-demon auxilery troops apart from faceless.   It is estimated that the Harbinger and his horde killed at least a third of the mortal population of Colassia, both east and west.


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