The Annihilator

The Annihalator was perhaps the most despicable of the Demon Lords.   Most demons focused on the elves who dominated the world, but the Annihilator focused on the less populous mortal races, singling them out for complete destruction attempting to destroy every last man, woman, and child of their race before moving on to the next one.   The Annihaltor had a long run being among the first to arrive in Scarterra and was one of the last to be destroyed.   The Annihalator was one of the most far ranging Demon Lords, taking its army everywhere at least briefly visiting every continent on Scarterra and every sea in Scaraqua. The Annihalator spent more time in Scaraqua than most if not all of the other Demon Lords and is believed to be responsible for the Lost Gnosispongia and who knows how many sea peoples that are forgotten completely.   It is unknown how many races went extinct due to the Annihilator's rampages as many died leaving behind no trace or record of their people.   The Annihilator and its army was finally defeated once and for all by an army made up of kobolds , spirits, and the last scions of forgotten races in what is now called The Desert of Tears. Sometimes called the Great Salt Wastes.

Did the more populous races get a free pass?

  Not exactly.   While the Annihalator focused on targeting the less populous race, like most demons great and small, the Annihalator and its minions would attack any and all mortals that crossed their path.
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