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Adventures in Valerick TTRPG

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This is the good copy/end goal/reason I world build. My own setting for TTRPG games. With my own system of magicks, how that all works, based on a d20 type system. My own lore, world, settings, and the all rest over time. If you wish to see the fodder from which this hopefully cleaner and more pristine world will drawn from, simply go look in Tariek Rough Collection, my other world, because there you will find....the madness that is my.....laboratory let us call it. Here, you will find more concise and finished works meant to allow one to run ttrpg games in setting smoothly. Naturally, I will be starting with a Player's Guide to Adventuring in Valerick (so basically a players handbook) and a Gamemastering in Valerick (which will basically be a GM guide to outline rules and ideas and system stuff.) From there it will expand to setting stuff, perhaps campaign modules as run games in setting, bestaries, and all that fun stuff. But I wish to do this right. I need GM Guide and Players Guide, so I can finally, at some point in the hopefully forseeable a campaign for the first time fully in my material