The Order of Nicola

The Order of Nicola is a small controversial sect of Tenders operating mostly in the Old Talama region of Swynfaredia.  
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The Order of Nicola's main mission is to support magical Purification to find the ever creeping lead poison in the Klarica County. This is not controversial in and of itself, but the economy of Klarica County is based on based on slavery, especially goblin slavery and the slaves do not receive much if any magical support from the Order of Nicola, only the overseers and their allied farmers and soldiers.
  The Order of Nicola is funded primarily by generous donations from House Selwyth, a dragon blood house with a very poor reputation very much at odds with the ideals of the goddess Mera.   Many other Tenders call them cowardly sell-outs, or even heretics. The members of the Order of Nicola reply back that the bad reputation against House Selwyth is based on unproven rumor and hearsay and that they use the money they receive to fund charitable endeavors throughout the whole Old Talama region.  
"I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and agree that the rumors of House Selwyth's maleficium are just rumors, not fact.   But it is fact is that House Selwyth engages in institutionalized slavery and an especially cruel and hateful variant, working poor creatures to death while they are slowly driven weak and mad by lead poisoning.
  Even goblins do not deserve and these cowardly heretics dishonor Nicola's name by being an accomplice to such naked cruelty. It reflects badly on the other Swynfaredian Tenders that they don't hold their wayward brethren accountable."

Public Agenda

To provide healing and aid to those who need it, especially assistance against lead poisoning.


The Order of Nicola is based out of the Nicola Memorial Temple which was named for the famous historical evangelist and healer Priestess Nicola. She was active in the area now known as Klarica County, but the temple bearing her namesake was built centuries after her death.
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