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The Paladins are a near-heretical offshoot of the mainstream Tenders.  The Paladins are very proactive and harsh in carrying out their mandate to defend the defenseless.   The Paladins are a recent offshoot of the Walchese but they are drawing a small but increasing number of recruits from the Terrawans.   Areas with Paladin temples are almost entirely run by Mera’s clerics. They collect all the regions output of food and any other products and then distribute them the populace as needed. They control the mills, ration out supplies, arrange marriages, serve as the police, lead the soldiers should an external threat arise and basically control all aspects of their congregation’s lives, all in the name of their protection and welfare. Other Tenders look askance on their heavy handed and patronizing attitude of the Paladins, but the Paladins claim that their congregations are among the safest and most prosperous people in the world.   The Paladins have global ambitions, but for now, there only real success story is Meraland in East Colassia.  Some princes in Scarterra are now seriously concerned that the Paladins are seeking to usurp their territories.  This has caused various secular princes to sour their outlook on the Tenders as a whole which is prompting other Tenders to consider reining in the Paladins' excesses.  Unfortunately, reining in excesses is not something Tenders are used to doing.
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