The Wayfarers are a group that splintered off of the Terrawans but they accept Walchese members.    The Wayfarers is a mostly informal designation referring to any Tenders who focus on protecting waterways. They maintain lighthouses, operate trading posts along major river ways and even provide theurgists and holy warriors on civilian vessels to protect against pirates or sea monsters.   The newest branch of the Wayfarers maintains temples catering to travelers built near oases along important desert trade routes.   The Wayfarers are gradually becoming more formal over time as they gradually assimilate naval discipline norms into their holy order.   Many Wayfarers are also Firebringers.

Wayfarers Titles (mostly informal)

  Thirsty: Perspective member   Damp: Fairly new member of the order   Wet: Veteran member of the order   Drenched: Renown ranking member of the order   Example: “The convoy is going to be traveling through an area known to have pirates. We are sending three Wets and seven Damps to provide support. If we make a good impression on the crew we might pick up a few Thirsties.”
Religious, Holy Order
Parent Organization

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