Pure Ones

The Pure Ones are a very old radical offshoot from the Walchese that has been on a slow decline for well over a century. They accept Terrawans into their ranks, but very few Terrawans volunteer. They take Mera’s traditional pacifist ideals to the greatest extreme. They are vegans who take pains to avoid stepping on insects and never resort to violence under any circumstances.   Maylar’s worshipers have decided it is good sport to kill the Pure Ones. Greymoria worshipers have decided it is even more enjoyable to capture innocent peasants and torture them to death while the Pure Ones nearby watch helplessly and dare the Pure Ones to break their vows.   Very few Pure One temples remain. The few that due has a heavily armed detachment of Hallisan or Zarthus worshipers stationed nearby to guard them. Something the Pure Ones certainly did not ask for.  For instance in Kantoc all the Pure One temples that survived happen to be very close by to the headquarters of a knightly order and the local knights give them unasked for protection.   The Pure Ones are not total liabilities to the peasants under their care. Pure One theurgists are very powerful healers and diviners. Despite their small numbers, the Pure Ones claim more oracles than any other Mera faction.
Religious, Holy Order
Parent Organization

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