The term "Firebringer" is a mostly honorific term for a Mera affiliated adventurer that travels in order to help people and further the cause of peace, occasionally taking up arms to defend peace but never seeking violence as a first resort.   The Firebringers claim that their faction predates the schism between the Walchese and the Terrawans. The Firebringers draw roughly as many recruits from both traditions.   Most Tenders┬árarely venture far from their temples, but Firebringers are an exception. They are primarily made up of adventurers. They are also far more militant than the average Tender, willing to take up arms to defend the innocent when need be though they are expected to seek peaceful solutions before resorting to violence.   The Firebringers are also the main communication artery between distant Mera temples and shrines. They are also sometimes called on by outside parties to serve as mediators in disputes as long as neither side of the dispute has a grudge against Mera.

Firebringer Ranks and Titles

  Initiate: Perspective member of the order   Protector: Fully accepted member of the order   Revered Protector: honored veteran of the order   Grand Protector: legendary veteran of the order     Adjunct Protector: Honored friend of a Fire Bringer. In most cases this means the adventuring buddies of a Firebringer.   Adjunct: Non-warriors outside the Tenders who regularly provide aid to Fire Bringers.
Religious, Holy Order
Parent Organization

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