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The Terrawans are one of the two major factions within the Tenders. The other major faction is the Walchese. The Terrawans tend to favor a high degree of informality and encourage their priests, priestesses, and associates to be close to the people.   The Terrawans maintain a large number of fairly small modestly appointed temples. Most of their clergy have a day job outside of their priestly duties, so one local priest or priestess might be also be a cobbler, potter, herbalist, midwife, apothecary, or almost any other profession.   It is very common for Terrawan led religious ceremonies to incorporate many lay people into the ceremony.   Terrawans encourage but do not require that their priests, priestesses, and associates get married and have lots of children to raise into the faith.   Promotion within the priesthood is at the discretion of one's superiors. Promotions factor in talent and social aptitude, but seniority is usually the deciding factor with most leadership positions falling to the elders.


The Terrawans describe themselves as an extended family and will try to welcome outsiders warmly provided they are not rude or hostile.


Most of their recruits come from the lower classes.  Most of their new members are recruited as adults or adolescents.  Many Terrawan temples have more recruits than they can handle, so they will carefully screen the applicants they receive as well as their families.   The Terrawans do not like to turn away more applicants than they have to.  As a result, Considering their temples are fairly small, they tend to have a large number of priests and priestesses present.

Political Influence & Intrigue

The Terrawans are considered a peasant organization so many princes do not give Terrawan leaders much respect, but most princes realize that oppressing the Terrawans will make them unpopular with the small folk so Terrawan temples are given a lot of autonomy to run their temples and lands as they see fit.
Parent Organization

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