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demonic salt

Void demons turn into a large pile of salt when they are destroyed. Despite alchemists, sages, Dwarf salt masters and chefs all saying that demonic salt is no different from ordinary salt, some people go out of their way to try to use salt that used to be Void demons.


by me with Hero Forge
-Hallmar Snowview, freelance miner
"Salt comes from the sea or from mined deposits in the ground, or from slain Void demons.   Humans and elves like to pretend otherwise, but we dwarves know that salt is salt. Once you pull salt from its source, all salt is indistinguishable regardless of its origin.
  During the Second Unmaking when all of mortalkind was battling the forces of the Void, Void Demon salt was not considered a big deal because it was practically everywhere.   If the surviving bands of mortals needed salt, they didn't hesitate to use demonic salt. At the time, I 'demonic salt was actually more readily available than 'normal salt' before most bands of survivors eventually had to slay a demon.   During the era of the "Little Unmaking", when the Void demons were less numerous but far sneakier, a lot of superstitious humans and elves refused to use demonic salt believing it was tainted somehow.   In the current era, Void demons are much rarer, thank the Nine. Some rich humans and even a few elves will pay extra for 'demonic salt' in lieu of 'normal salt' and claim they can taste the difference.   Fools.   A lot of destroyed demons fell into the sea, which means every pound of sea salt probably has at least a little bit in demon in it. We dwarves get most of salt from mines of course, and this far from the Unmaking, even we cannot tell the difference between a natural occuring salt mine or a salt mine that marks the spot of an ancient battle site where a bunch of demons were slain.   Either way, the salt tastes just as salty."


Some eccentric rich people will pay extra for salt that came from slain Void demons and claim to be able to taste the difference, but the problem is it is very easy to pass off "normal salt" as "demonic salt".   Less common, some people refuse to eat anything with demonic salt in it for fear it is tainted.  

Trophy salt

  Void demons do not cross into the material plane as often they used to, but they still cross over and they are still dangerous and need to be destroyed regardless of whether anyone wants the salt or not.   It is considered a great feat for a contemporary warrior to slay a Void demon, even a demon grunt.   Some warriors who have managed will collect the salt from their kill and refuse to sell it and instead use their "trophy salt" as a personal stash for all their personal salt needs.  
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Glimmermoon, bar wench
"How do you know if a warrior is using trophy salt or not? Don't worry, he'll tell you. Over and over.   (falsetto) Oh you are so strong and manly for putting salt on your food! Gimme some of that salty goodness!   Loser."

Components and tools

Much like how a wine aficionado can often be fooled by swapping the labels of a cheap and a premium wine bottle, would be salt aficionados are largely at the mercy of the accuracy of the label on their salt.   Traditionally, mined salt is sold in brown containers, sea salt is sold in blue containers and demonic salt is sold in black and red containers.
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