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salt, metaphysics

When Turoch was destroyed in The Divine Rebellion , his essence became the Void , but his blood was spattered over the material plane where it solidified into salt.  

Health Effects

  Salt embodies both Turoch's positive and negative aspects. Turoch was an evil monster, but he still created life as Scarterrans understand it. Salt is required for most life to exist, but too much salt can be unhealthy or even deadly.    

Effects on Spirits

  Salt embodies enough of Turoch's anger that the Nine's spirit minions are partially repelled by salt. Most spirits cannot cross a line of salt without difficulty. Salt is generally only baneful to spirits in a pure form. Spirits that are aquatic can generally thrive in salt water. Despite folklore that a spirit in disguise can be revealed by tricking them into eating salty food, spirits are not actually harmed by salty food.    

Demons and Salt

  A demon that is destroyed will usually leave a pile of salt behind. Most Scarterrans are too superstitions to want to eat or use salt that used to be a Void Demon, but Void Demon salt is really indistinguishable from all other salt.   Many large salt deposits mark battle zones where many Void Demons died during the Second Unmaking .    

Effects on Magical Energies

  Large salt deposits can act as a sponge for magical energy tainted by the void energy. A rare but feared type of undead is salt mummies. Salt mummies arise when a corpse is naturally mummified in salt that is infused with Void injury. Salt mummies then lie dormant until erosion or salt miners expose them to the air. Most salt mummies were created unintentionally during the Second Unmaking.
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