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"Some humans say barley is a 'peasant food' and that proper lords and ladies should only eat wheat. But through Nami's grace, barley makes some damn good beer though, so I think the peasants came out on top for once."   -Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Rover on the Wind
    Barley is similar to wheat in that it as a type of grain that is was ultimately derived from dragon grass. Wheat is generally viewed as tasting better than barley but barley requires less water, so it can grow in many places.   In Scarterra, much like the real medieval world, barley is often viewed as a peasant food while rich people eat wheat. That is not to say that wealthy people never eat barley or commoners never eat wheat but stereotypes exist for a reason.   Because of it is relatively easy to grow, barley can be found on every landmass in Scarterra.   It is a major staple food in almost every agricultural land though it is naturally more popular in relatively water scarce.

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Barley is a critical ingredient in ale. Some view this as the only good reason to grow ale. That said, ale is also commonly consumed in the form of bread, soup, or porridge.

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