"Wheat is probably the most prevalent crop in all of Scarterra.  Pretty much everywhere where wheat can be planted, wheat is planted unless the land is better suited for another crop.   Wheat flour can be made into a wide variety of things but it is best known for being the principle ingredient in breads.  Bread varies from land to land but it's a staple on the dinner plate of humans and elves almost everywhere our people can be found.  Wheat flour is found in the crust of pies and pastries and is used as a thickening agent in broths and can even be fermented."     -Almon Genmaer, grey elf sailor.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

"Wheat is tasty is enough but it is not the taste or nutritional value that makes it so popular. It's a method to allow the nobles to keep another means of control over the commoners.   Wheat is difficult to use if it's not ground into flour and the nobles control all the mills. The peasants, serfs, and/or slaves grow the wheat and take their entire harvests to the lord's mill then the lord gives them flour back and the lord decides how much flour each family needs rather than the ones doing the actual work making that decision.   Also, the flour itself establishes social classes. Fine ground flour goes to the nobility and coarse ground flour goes to the commoners."   -Norabruck Grumblespine, dwarven Rover on the WInd

Geographic Origin and Distribution

"Both Colassias grow a wide variety of crops but wheat remains the most important staple crop of West Colassia and East Colassia alike. Likewise my home the Elven Empire grows many grains but wheat remains the most popular of the menagerie. Wheat is fairly common in Umera but not as common as rice. Wheat is fairly common in Penarchia but is edged out by barley and potatoes. Wheat is cultivated on the Island of Khemarok but is less common that barely and maize.   -Almon Genmaer, grey elf sailor
Genetic Ancestor(s)

Cover image: Medieval art of farm workers (public domain) by unknown artist


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