"Rye is vaguely similar to wheat and barley in that is a derivative dragon grass and it is used for largely the same types of food.   Compared to barley and wheat it is a bit less picky about the soil quality that it is planted in and it is more able to withstand early frosts making it an ideal cereal crop to grow in moderately cool climates.   Some believe it is inferior to wheat but others prefer, I am fairly fond of rye bread myself."   -Green Reverend Brynn 

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

"Rye farming is very common in West Colassia.  Fumaya, Kantoc, and Uskala all rely on heavily on this crop because they have a lot of cool wet areas ideal for cultivating rye. Rye bread ends ups on the plates of peasants and princes alike.   Elsewhere I am told rye is considered strictly a food for lower classes. In East Colassia the dark elves feed their slaves rye and eat wheat themselves. The free humans of the continent believe rye is stigmatized, so it is generally viewed as food for the poor though I am told Marginaland grows a fair bit of rye.   In the southern lands, rye is uncommon. Penarchians sometimes grow it but they still view it as a bread for poor people or so I am told.."   -Green Reverend Brynn
Genetic Ancestor(s)


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