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dragon grass

by Eron12 with Hero Forge
-Green Reverend Brynn
"Depending on who you ask, dragon grass is a foodstuff, a weed, or simply type of grass.   It is basically a fast growing grass with very large seeds. It is good for grazing livestock on and humans and demihumans can eat it (the seeds, not the blades of grass), but are only likely to do so in a survival situation. Though a little bit of dragon grass seeds can help a human out if she is a bit...irregular.
  The reason some think it is a weed is that it aggressively crowds out most other plants and it taxes the soil. Without a regular amount of manure or other fertilizer applied to the fields, dragon grass will eventually starve themselves out and gradually get smaller until in about twenty years you are left with essentially blighted soil.   While not possessing any inherent magical properties by itself, dragon grass is especially vulnerable or susceptible to magic. Most of the cereal crops we rely on today are the descendants of dragon grass."

Additional Information

Geographic Origin and Distribution

It is said that dragon grass used to cover vast tracts of Scarterra but now it is far less common.   Dragon grass may be easy for food mages to make alterations on, but if you want to make a new variety of wheat, it is much easier to make alterations on existing wheat than to try to restart the whole process with dragon grass.   A few Swynfaredians like to keep pastures of dragon grass because it has the name has "dragon" in it. Beyond this, some magic schools and monasteries keep patches of dragon grass for their neophyte casters to practice plant magic on. Kantoca horse breeders sometimes maintain small pastures of it believing it makes the best hay.  A few eccentric chefs or apothecaries keep a patch of dragon grass as a supplemental ingredient in their recipes.   Supposedly a few actual dragons cultivate the grass near their lairs for nostalgia's sake.   There a few wild patches in remote areas of East Colassia and Khemarok and Penarchia but now wild dragon grass is pretty rare. The plant is so invasive that over the centuries, many elves, humans and others have chosen to burn these fields rather than tolerate them."   -Green Reverend Brynn

Civilization and Culture


"A few claim dragon mages or druids created the first dragon grass, but tis more likely the Nine created dragon grass for dragon's benefit.   Dragon grass dates back to the the First Age, the dragons kept fields of it to feed their livestock. Surviving records suggest that dragons themselves occasionally grazed on it, usually for ritual reasons like fasting but it was eaten for survival reasons by the every desperate. There was even an oath that went something 'If I'm lying may I only eat the grass.'   Dragon grass is magically malleable and this fact was not lost on dragon mages and druids who created new species by transmuting dragon grass.   Maize, wheat, rye, and barley are very clearly great grand children grass. Some argue that rice is also in this family, but I believe it is more likely rice came from some other plant."   -Green Reverend Brynn

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