Korus' Solace

"On the day of Korus' Solace we memorialize our honored dead.  We also look inward and reflect on the last year, our successes mistakes.  All of us have done things we are not proud or, or chose not to do good things, so we make penance for our sins against Great Korus and pledge to do better the next year."   -Green Reverend Brynn, Steward of the Gift
"We understand that civilization and nature must exit in balance, but the guardians of civilization often press too hard, too far, too greedily.   Korus can be kind and generous but he can be wrathful as well.  Sometimes we may act as Korus' giving hands and sometimes we act as Korus' sharpened talons.   We form councils and decide if anyone near our territories is deserving of Korus' wrath and make plans accordingly.  If we judge someone to be guilty, we do carry out the sentence immediately.  We do not want to be too predictable, and divine retribution, much as revenge, is a meal best served cold."   -Selenar, wood elf druid, Stewards of the Dominion
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