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Lady Felicja Wiern

Lady Felicja Wiern

Lady Felicja is Duke Garland Wiern youngest child and is somewhat well known for being bratty and rude, but now is better known for being associated with a murderous cell of Maylar's Decadents that were murdering peasants in the Duchy of Wiern.   She was put on trial and sentenced with banishment for being an accessory to multiple murders (though the evidence was she wasn't a accessory, she was the mastermind not merely an accessory as she claimed at her trial).  Note her father administered the trial because he was duke and the crimes occurred on his land.   It is speculated, but not proven that she is seeking refuge in the Border Baronies Region.  

Youngest child of Wiern family. Openly threw a thinly veiled insult at Kormatin during a formal dinner. Later, Kormatin followed an unrelated lead and unmasked her as the leader of a cell of @[the Decadents](organization:d33a1b11-a835-414c-8383-ff3ba182f6ea).  Her father tried her and sentenced her to banishment (instead of death like her confederates got).

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