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The Decadents

The Decadents are a very unorthodox sect of the Testers.  Like many Tester sects, the name Decadents was not their idea, it was given to them by their enemies.   Generally speaking, Maylar detests cities. Generally speaking Maylar detests the practice of hereditary birthrights in mortals (you should take your wealth, not be bequeathed it). Maylar is often a hypocrite and the Decadents manifest this hypocrisy.   The Decadents are primarily drawn from the sons and daughters of the nobles and wealthy burghers.  They typically have debauchery filled parties and inflict atrocities on lower class purely for enjoyment.  Then they use their wealth and privilege to hide their crimes or deflect punishments.  The Decadents tend to be pretty good at setting hapless patsies to take the fall for the Decadents real crimes.   Other Testers find the Decadents distasteful because of how they show deference to highborn individuals. Some of them view this deference as a mark of weakness. Thus lowborn Testers may force them to defend themselves to prove their strength, but more often than not Decadents are able to establish working relationships with more mainstream Testers.  More than once, a Decadent has unlocked the gates to let more militant Testers swoop in for looting and pilaging.   If the Testers really want to bring a target down, they can have Decadents sabotage the areas defenses by rotting the leadership and then have less subtle Testers attack from outside the figurative or literal walls.
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Decadents on the Others

  Hear the words of Lady Felicja Wiern , exiled Fumayan noblewoman.   Bearers of the Ill Wind: They skulk in the wilderness annoying their betters. Almost like goblins. Pay them no mind.   Herders: Peasant shepherds falsely draping themselves with Maylar’s mantle in order to feel powerful.   Peacebreakers: They have admirable zeal but they are too ambitious. They aim too high every time and are always exposed and killed. We know how to pick our targets and remain undetected.   Raiders: They may lack imagination but they are useful in their own way. They cannot use half of the things they steal so they rely on us to fence their stolen goods.   Independent Testers: Some of them are undeclared to a faction because they are too strong to need a faction. Some are undeclared to a faction because they are too stupid or weak to be accepted by one. Be careful when dealing with the so called independents, it is not always obvious who is weak and who is strong.     Mera's Tenders: Harmless weaklings beneath our concern.   Korus' Stewards: They are dangerous when provoked but it takes a lot to provoke them.   Greymoria's Children: Useful contacts, but make sure you project strength when dealing with them or they will try to make you into a pawn in their own schemes.   Nami's Rovers: The Bacchites are kindred spirits and worthy allies should you be able to make contact but the rest of Nami’s lot are irrelevant.   Khemra's Keepers: As a last resort you can appeal to them for sanctuary and hide behind their love of the Compact, but only as a last resort.   Zarthus' Lanterns: The Lanterns actually care about the filth shoveling peasants and they can be dogged investigators. Do not underestimate them.   Hallisan's Guardians: They are good at fighting with swords and lances but they are totally inexperienced fighting with cloaks and daggers.   Phidas' Masks: Our paths seldom cross. When they do, we can get them to aid us or at least stay out of our way with a small bribe. Make sure to haggle fiercely and seem like they reluctantly cowed you, it makes them feel big.

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