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The Bow of Zimoz

The Bow of Zimoz was a magical bow that Zimoz the Archer found in a dungeon during his adventuring days, though Zimoz did not call it "the bow of Zimoz." He called it "Silver Striker."   The history of the bow before Zimoz attained it is unknown. Zimoz the Archer was a deadly archer with an ordinary bow. Armed with Silver Striker, he became a true terror to his enemies and even more potent ally to his friends.   When Zimoz the Archer became the first Duke of Zimoz, his bow became a symbol of his new noble house of the same name    The Bow of Zimoz, is crafted out of Silverwood and magically enchanted for greater accuracy and damage while like many magic bows. More impressively, the bow will allow arrows fired out of it to hit incorporeal targets.   The Bow of Zimoz has not been fired in combat in over 200 years. It is mostly kept in a vault and only brought out for major ceremonial events in court.


While it is a powerful weapon, it is mostly valued for its history now. It is viewed as a priceless heirloom of the Zimoz family and formal regalia for the office of the Duke of Zimoz.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Current Location
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Owning Organization
Unique, though a small number of very similar bows have been crafted based on this construction, including a recent copy made by Neshik the gnome as a boon for his friend Aranil the elf.
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