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Worldbuilding Summer Camp 2021

Somewhere in your setting, describe
an ancient and/or powerful artifact
A total of 466 entries

Soulcage Crown of the Spectral Magi

Valinarna's Spirit Pendant

Avux's Staff of Navigation

Heartrender, Ashardalon's Bane

Waning Moonblade of House Thekalyn

Crown of the Golden Lioness

Crystal Alter of the Dragon

A Timestopping Pocket Watch, Alnea

The S.Q.R.E Artificial Intelligence System

Gleaming Defender {WASC 2021}

Royal Signet Ring of the King of the Northlands

The 13 pages and bookcase of Alkazar.

Apob Virbeb Vumbub: Strong Weapon-Chest

The Ruddy Eggs of Seryngyan

Golden Epitaph of Emperor Yarken

The Shattered Soul of Bragi

Belethios, the Aspect of the Dragon

Relic of Time - Prompt #16 an ancient or powerful artifact

Ancient Helmet of AncestorDude

The Pendant of The Fallen Gods

The Venerate Stone of Ancestors

Tribal Axe of the Berserker

Petite Fille Aux Yeux Argentes

A Rusty Can with a String Tied Around It

Crystal Pyramid of Samul Shan

Meteora, The Celestial Spear

Burakari, The Blade of Blind Rage

The Toy Bath Dragon of Aeir Kheos - By Mika Tsuki

The Hammer that continues to Fall - Anguïrin

Horn of the Seahorses and Dragons

Prompt 16: The Watch of Twisted Fate

Das verbotene Buch der Dämonen

Bronze Chalice of Forgetfulness

Gauntlets of the Ascended Protector

Crown of the Ill-Advised

Immortal Brick of Don't Wake the Dead

The Bones of Saint Vaquelin

Zepter des weißen Sterns

Four Treasures of the Eladrin

Tilestras, The Earthshaker

Dracorazer, Elthigar's Edge

Kytuvi - Circlet of the Kingmakers

Sepulcher of the Saintly Queen

The Sacred Golden Book of the Knights of Light

Amulet of the Groven Crystal

Crown of the Shadow Empire

Tharivol's Book of Necromancy