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The Cobalt Heart

The Soul of A People, And A Weapon To Rival Armies

A lapis blue stone of perfect smoothness carved into the universal shape of a heart. Bound in coarse leather this relic has rested upon the chest of many might Fen'drea over the past five centuries. The Cobalt Heart as it is call by the folk of The Wolfen Realm, is both a symbol of authority and a tool forged from the ballads of old. Legends state that this palm sized rock was birthed from the demise of one of Leirgar's greatest heroes.
  He was called Hoidan, and was thought to be one of the great sorcerers of the previous epoch. After surviving Fathnornacht He would go on to protect the remanence of Leirgar's people through the chaos that would ensue in the coming decades immediately following the calamity. it is said he stabilized the entire region for those years that he remained active. Then upon his dying breath during a Fae incursion, that he carved his own heart out. The still beating organ transformed with the fleeting magic of a once mighty wizard.
  From then on The Cobalt Heart has forever remained in The Fen'drea's hands, passing down from leader to leader, sometime exchanging to different tribes. It seemingly can never be lost. As it will always find its way swiftly back into the grasp of a mighty warrior, or brilliant shaman of the tribes.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

This artifacts actual powers have been obscured throughout the centuries. They also seem to very wildly from wielder to wielder. In some stories great chieftain holding the stone could command winter itself with a simple though, while other say the stone give entire host of warriors enhanced reflects, and endurance while there leader remains near. It The wielders themselves have never recorded any such instructions on its uses.


The Cobalt Hearts influence over inter-tribal politics is substantial. More so then any sort of mythical power it may or may not convey. The potential this object has in the right or wrong hands for that matter, could raise nations and armies to rival any in the south. It is the symbol of a people. of there resilience and ability to adapt to some of the harshest environment on Hune.  

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Nice article. I especially like the interesting origin story of the artifact. Also quite a cool concept that it can never be lost and will return to one who is worthy at some point.

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