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Ancient Helmet of AncestorDude

The helmet of AncestorDude has been placed in the hunting lodge ruins to make a permanent claim to the region. According to the Order of Speared Light, the helmet can only be removed by one of AncestorDude's descendents.


Most of the information about the helmet has been recorded in scraps of stories collected and recorded by the Order, describing Ancestordude using it to take on traits of wolves at will while in combat. Supposedly, the helm could allow the wearer to speak with animals, perform feats of strength, and intimidate enemies into running away before a weapon is drawn.


Some within the court of the Arle of Vetheriss have whispered among each other the suspicious nature of the helmet's tales being only held by the Order instead of variants being in the region of Logtown.

However, locals do say AncestorDude had claimed the forested lands from an Adrakian Priest of Kaygys. According to the local tales, the Priest still wanders the Salt Forest outside of Logtown, seeking to lay claim on the region for the now long-gone Adrakian Empire.

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Head sized, though seems more suited to a dog head of equivalent size.

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