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"I do not need to be cured. I am who I am, I am not broken. I am being polite right now, but if you approach me about your cure again, I will assume it is because you have no respect for who I am. The BoundaryDeity will stand at my side when we come before the gods for judgement."
— Siobhan to Order of the Speared Light paladins
Lycanthropy is when a person is bitten (willingly or unwillingly) by a Lycanthrope, or born the child of a Lycanthrope, and therefore has the ability to transform into a beast. The individual is forced to transform when the moon that was dominant in the night sky when they were bitten or born, rises in the dominant position again.
People who are given or made Lycanthropes spend their first several years losing control, and in several cases losing memories. These individuals are where the stories of Lycanthropes as monsters slaughtering beasts and people originate.
For most, learning to control their transformations takes a great deal of time.
"I thought I said -"
"No - I'm here because I don't get it. You said you don't need to be cured. What did you do? How?"
"Oh, you want to know how I control my fox?" Siobhan smiled. "You're thinking about everything wrong. My fox isn't a separate being. I am the fox. The fox is me. The ones who you would describe as 'out of control' are the ones who are fighting to control themselves. The trick I and others like me have found is if we don't fight to control ourselves, we are in control. Our beast forms are a part of us. Fear of losing control is why control is lost, like approaching a wild animal while scared."
The young paladin frowned. "So the secret is to not fight?"
"No. Who are you? It's not a secret. I know who I am, and so I do not lose control of myself." She pulled down a mug and poured a cup of her herbal brew. "You're not here because you fear lycanthropes. You're here, alone, because you are one, aren't you?"
She passed the mug to the paladin, who lifted it to their nose before taking a sip.
"It's not moonsbane, but it will calm. I'm Siobhan. What's your name, and how recent was your first turning?"


There are two main cures. One cure is from a brewing of a plant called moonsbane. This plant is only in bloom under the full light of all three of Corive's moons, and had been in use for ceremonies in Theydim based on Saint Antral because Reasonable Events Here Build This Later. The blooms were difficult to find, and when found, they would be preserved for RitualNameHere.
Moonsbane is named because of its difficulty to find, but dried bouquets of moonsbane were used as a charm to supposedly repel lycanthropes with mixed results depending on which stories one listens to. One youth was desperate to end their tranformations they stole several bouquets and slept under them. When the youth woke up, they found they had eaten several of the dried flowers. The youth began to feel sick and went to a Bard for healing.
A week of illness passed, and the youth's forced night of tranformation occurred while they were ill, but they did not transform. The youth went to the Order of the Speared Light to share what they had learned, and between the Order and the Bards word spread of moonsbane curing Lycanthropy.
The initial reaction to the cure was shock and horror as the flowers had been used for religious ceremonies, though moonsbane herbal tea was developed to be a safer method of giving a Lycanthrope the cure.
Other reactions included protests and concerns the Order would begin forcibly curing Lycanthropes who had control of their transformed forms, and several became more vocal and visually displaying the symbols of The Boundary.
The older cure is more individualized. The general advice is to seek control and to not fear. Lycanthropes who were born or willingly made are generally mentored through the process by their parent or the one who shared their Lycanthropy, while the forcibly made are often left without a mentor and either find one, develop their own control method, or live in fear of their transformation.

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