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The Order of Speared Light

Church of Saint Antral's Order. Many members have the , Paladin, Cleric, and acolytes of the order travel seeking to put the world to right as they believe their Lady would have them if she still lived, thousands of years since her execution.
  The order is currently hunting down one Edvin Skarzvard and his son, Mathias Skarzvard in relation to the theft of Coryduin's Bane.
  Saint Antral wa sknown for her hatred for everything relating to The Adrakian Empire, and spent much of her campaign before her death eradicating draconic imagery from places where the Empire had been overthrown.
  Now the Order continues to supervise the excavation of old ruins and places that have once been Adrakian areas, such as Feroian Keep.
  They also go out when reports of Dragonborn or Dragons sightings reach them. They are trained in Dragon Slaying, though have not had the opportunity to use their training since the falling of the Adrakian Empire.
  How do they stay in power and influence in the absence of drgaons they also hunt down abominations - weres, forced-undead, Skeleton-Trees, and Vampires. Monsters - problem causing beings who aren't Elven, Dwarven, Catpeople, nor Human. Goblins and Orcs sometimes fall into this category or are looked down upon for not having a "cultural homeland" like Theydim is for the Humans, Tormyra the Elves, Dwarves have the Undermountains, and the Catpeople have Goltheris.
  East Theydim Faction-Barebones Article feels that the Order has too much power and influence for a religious organization, and that the Order has long outlived its usefulness as a religious enforcer.
  Capitolist Faction supports the Order because the Order lends her some religious support as well as the experience of an organization who has been allowed to travel all around Theydim.
  maybe ancient days, they could teleport in a wall of light to appear

The Order is also one of the few surviving extremist groups who would hunt down Cultists. However, they have more often found themselves in legal issues because they eradicated a "cult" of teens instead of actual dragon worshippers.

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