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The Lady


Divine Domains

The Lady is the deity known for enforcing laws, rewarding those who act with honor, and as the goddess who teaches the responsibilites of adults to the youths of Theydim

Divine Symbols & Sigils

In Theydim, BlueMoon is named for The Lady and the nightly path will consistently take the moon between GreenMoon and RedMoon,. The GreenMoon and RedMoon are associated with the Merry One and Craftsman, so the three moons are culturally used to identify when a person is of a certain age group or passes from one to another.  

Tenets of Faith

The Lady's stories tend to focus more on her guiding worshippers towards supporting their community, leading to her clerics teaching about how responsible adults are members of a community.   The Lady is often seen as a counter figure to the Bold, because the Bold does not care if the side she supports uses tricks or artificial means of succeeding, while the Lady would prefer success without tricks or artificial means. Of course, there are also times when both goddesses appear to favor the same individuals facing impossible odds.



As with the other gods of Theydim, the Lady's name and mythology has been lost. Scholars have been attempting to reconstruct her stories, but her origin is still a topic of debate.   One theory suggests she is connected to the Bold and the Negotiator because the three goddesses represent some form of victory, with the scholars suspecting the trio of being siblings or close friends.
The Lady represents the laws of the victors and the members in battle who fought on even grounds without hindering their opposition or artificially enhancing their own abilities. The Bold favors the ambitions of those seeking victory and those who face insurmountable odds but still try to even the battlefield chances of victory - though not always is this side using the honor demanded by the Lady. The Negotiator, represents the process of negotiating at the end of battles or war - the demands of the victor and restitution to the defeated until the two sides are weighed equally.
— Thydian scholar


The Scar

Like BlueMoon the Thydians name for her, the Lady is depicted with a large scar across her face, neck, and shoulders. The origins of the scar are mostly speculated to be a representation of the Adrakian Pantheon usurping the deities of the proto-Thydians.
She/Her, Feminine
Aligned Organization

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