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The Negotiator

When it is time to set down our swords, we call upon the Negotiator to right the scales and ensure a peace that will last longer than another year. She lays out the reparations for the loser, and the demands of the victor until both are equal once more.

Divine Domains

By many Thydians, the Negotiator is seen as a goddess of Victory with the Lady and the Bold, though she is seen as a balancing the other two.   However, her primary domains are negotiations, justice and reconstruction. The latter two are argued by academics to be effectively the synonyms. Clerics of the Negotiator counter the arguments by indicating that justice is taken by the person who had been wronged, while reconstruction or restitution is done by the person who had done the wrong.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

While most pantheons would use scales to represent law or trade, the scales are used in Thydian religion to represent the Negotiator. On one scale is a sword, on the other scale is a scroll. Her clerics carry a set of balancing scales where one plate is engraved with a scroll icon and the other is engraved with a sword.  

Tenets of Faith

Clerics are expected to be the arbitrators of neutrality, though the nature of mortals is to include a bias. Clerics are expected, however, to seek a peaceful negotiation session where everyone is equally dissatisfied and satisfied.   When standing in legal issues, the clerics are often found defending law breakers when the person was reacting due to a grevious wrong, or the clerics are found recommending punishments based on the weights of the scales they carry with them.  



As a result of the Gods of Theydim having their identies reforged from reconstructed academic work and cross referencing with Antral's Texts.   Some scholars believe the Negotiator is part of a trio of Victory goddesses with the Lady and the Bold, though others believe the Negotiator is a seperate deity who would represent neutrality regardless of legality.


While not a myth of her own actions, no one has a nondivine explanation for how the scales of the Negotiator's clerics works. The scales have shifted without anything being added physically, but brought up verbally as a point of negotiation. The scales have sat with one side claiming to still be less weighty than the other when the "heavier" plate had nothing on it, and the "lighter" plate was piled high with valuable goods.   Throughout the history of Theydim, the clerics who favored one faction or another during a war have been caught by surprise or found to have been less than impartial when they are unable to change the scale's sense of balance.
She/Her, Feminine
Aligned Organization

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