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Theydim is the northern region of Soplas, to the south of the North Sea, and the north of all other regions of Soplas.

The north of Soplas is dominated by Theydim, the former cradle of the Adrakian Empire in the ancient days of the first age. Theydim is torn in civil war war as the High King died without an agreed upon heir named.

It is home to a proud people, referred to as the "nest of Humans" with strong evidence supporting that claim. The land is scarred by the marks of war, but there is always life raising itself from the ground.


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Geography and Geology

The western border are the mountains, including Eyes of the World, the tallest peaks in Soplas where one can see supposedly the entire region from Theydim to The Kingdom of Tormyra , and on into the swamps to the East and to the coast of Goltheris

Natural Resources

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Content from the old article of Western Theydim
  The East-West division of Theydim is mostly divided based on which side of the Thydian Civil War various Arles have aligned themselves as. Some Arles, who have chosen to stand in more neutral positions have been placed as being within East or West based on their direction in regards to the Lognefjalls at the east border of the North Sea Arling.
Arling currently named as being within West Theydim:


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