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Ancient History

Modern History

Thydian Unification Wars

Ertsklif reluctantly accepted the Unification Treaty by the end of the Unification Wars, and only then because Magnus the Red-Eyed had written in terms starting that to declare war on one member Arling would be declaring war on all of Theydim.

Several smaller regions currently in the Arling had refused the treaty and were not under its protection until the Great War.

The Great War

Ertsklif fought a lot with the Five Cities for control for their southern territories, and with the Southard City forging cannons and transporting the weapons to the north, parts of Ertsklift has been scarred.

Several would-be small Arlings were absorbed into Ertsklif at the end of the Great War when they were annexed into Theydim


Arfosian and Gem Scrolls Mines

This bracelet? It's pretty, but look at it. Those are Gems. I sell my daughter's bracelet today, and I can set her up with a proper dowry for when she marries, and my home will be mine and not the Manor Lord
— Miner

The discovery of Gem Scroll's magical capabilities led to a short-lived Gem Rush as people flocked to the mines in the hopes of becoming wealthy quickly from the gems. However, the mines produced more Arfosian than gems, leading to an exodus as individuals instead sold their baubles to better secure their future.

Warforged Contruction

Ertsklif is the primary region where Forged Smiths could be found in Eastern Theydim, though mostly repairing Warforged.

I'm not judging you for where you were constructed, but you would think those pretty Tormies would build parts to last. Y'sure you want me to make the replacement? I've only worked Thydian 'Forged so you'll look a little mismatched.
— Forged Smith
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations

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