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The Unification of Theydim Treaty

"We are no longer Felkhath, Feroian, we are Thydian."
This treaty outlines the roles and responsibilities of Arling to themselves and each other while defining the role of the Thydian government. It is an early form of an agreement for a government layout or constitution.
This treaty was ratified at the end of the Thydian Unification Wars.
    • If no heir of the High King is crowned within six years, two Cycles, of the High King's death, Theydim will dissolve into independent Arlings.
    • Should an Arling leave, the arling will be considered an International Power, and treated as one.
    • Should an Arling leave, that Arling will have their military forces returned to their territory, and will lose all Thydian protection should a conflict with Theydim and the Arlings within occur.

  • Trade between International Powers and individual Arlings will be taxed more than Inter-Arling trade within Theydim.
      • Taxes generated from trade between International Powers and individual Arlings will be allocated towards supporting insufficient infrastructure development.
"These taxes are insane - how are we to blame for the smaller Arlings being unable to maintain themselves? They're the ones who split from their original Arling. They should stand on their own, or become part of another Arling. No, they want us to pay for the costs of others when we already paid ours!"

    • Individual Arling militaries will be restructured and rearranged into the Thydian Military.
    • Local militias and Guards will be restructered and rearranged into the Thydian City Guards and militias
    • The Thydian Military will be used to defend Theydim and Arlings within Theydim from external forces.
"I disagree with him on a number of things, but he's working to unify Theydim as a whole. In the Great War, the mix troops led to me meeting people I'd not have met otherwise. I'm not sure how I feel about him insisting that we have local and non-local Guards. I understand the newcomers would come in with their perspectives and by not already having ties to the community, they'd be more likely to spot local corruption, but they're just as likely to be corrupted because they don't have a stake, really, in the cities and towns."
"Me? Oh, I'm sorry, but I still consider myself a Northsear. I've at least managed to stop doing so when dealing with diplomats though."

Inter-Arling Conflict:
  • Conflicts between Arlings will be resolved in the High King's Court, without the Arlings going to war with each other.
      • Based on the severity of the conflicts, there are tiers of the Inter-Arling Courts to address it.
    • Theydim will have laws all Arlings will incorporate into their own laws, Arlings will maintain control over how to sentence violations of the laws.
"'Paying societal debt'? Please, no amount of labor will bring back a murderer's victims."
"The treaty didn't outlaw executions, you know."

This document is the one the Thydian Civil War is tearing Theydim apart over. There are certain aspects East Theydim Faction-Barebones Article wants to keep and change, and there are certain parts West Theydim - Capitalist Faction wants to maintain. Independents, Thydian want Theydim to dissolve into independent Arlings. Uncrowned, Thydian want to have no High King, but remain unified.
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Author's Notes

I ask that readers go ahead, take a knife, and stab the terms of this article's contents to your hearts' content. Every stab only makes the Civil War plot better, or brings in new perspectives for me to consider as I determine what stakes the factions hold, and within those factions, where the Arlings stand.

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Aug 20, 2020 17:42

Its great because you don't see a lot of these types of articles. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Graylion - Nexus   Roleplaying
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Aug 20, 2020 17:50 by Lyraine Alei

Really? I admit, I'm surprised, because it's just me spewing out an outline of a document instead of writing the whole thing out (I'm not Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the declaration of Independence, nor am I any of the Constitutional Congress members who wrote the Constitution).
Then again, I guess we don't usually see many documents outlining a government set up in fictional worlds, either.
I'm really happy to hear you look forward to its development (I'm slowing working to get the document's terms torn apart so I can either improve the document, or leave the flaws since this whoooole document is outlining the "big issues" factions have with each other.

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