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UnAssumingCharacter MerchantGuildAntiBacker

Former Arle of Minor Arling L

"I didn't always have power. I mined my power out as the mines found Arfosian. It isn't my fault the nearby towns lost people who came to my town in search of employment. I made sure to help support those towns as they supported mine in return. My power comes only from them."
She was a nobody who rose into some power as her family owned and ran some mines in southern East Theydim. The mines turned up Arfosian veins, and the mines grew into a small town as an Arfosian Rush drew more miners to the town and city. She started up a shop near the mines where miners could stop and get a meal before heading or out. The shop also sells items to the towns people on a credit system for people or families who have miners in their households
"Pfft, she wants to control your coin, your very livelihood. She's lived high up in Oestopti and Estopti Cities, all her life. She doesn't know how real people live down and out here. City people deal in coin - coin won't fill your belly or plow your field. Her "Guild" is little more than thieves given permission to steal your hard work and labor."
— ThisPerson WhoNeedsABetterName
"What? Those prices she's trying to set are insane! How am I supposed to keep the town living when her prices would - yes?"
"E-excuse me, my lady, but my brother's gotten sick and he can't work today. I need to buy medicine for him, but it's too expensive for what we have."
"Hmmm. You're the younger of the Darson boys, aren't you? I certainly could, but you'll need to pay off the rest with some little jobs, okay?"
She opposes Magnusdotr primarily because Magnusdotr wants to have a Merchant Guild, and UnassumingCharacter is concerned the guild would place limits on her Arfosian mines. If limits are place on her mines, then she is concerned she will not be able to afford to keep her borders maintained against the Five Cities who expand to take whatever others cannot defend.
She married WealthyNobleJustEastOfHer, who had ambitions of becoming an Arle himself, but UnassumingCharacter proved to be the more effective leader, while her husband enjoys the lifestyle of an Arle's spouse.  
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