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Ostufer's Faction

Theydim is Warring from Within

Ostufer has taken in Arlings, who had petitioned to join after the crippling debts amassed from the Unification Wars, and then the Great War less than a full generation later.
This is how we have always been - Arlings rise and fall as their leaders can defend or support, and when they fall, another Arling will take them. The Treaty has halted this pattern, our tradition. If an Arle is unsuitable to rule, the people should be allowed to refuse that Arle's protection and turn to another.
The late High King faltered when he promised smaller Arlings the permanence of their borders. He faltered when the economy showed who is truly supporting whom. The larger Arlings are being punished when we should not be punishing them for past successes, but rather preparing for the next Great War.

The Ostufer faction is the eastern-based faction of the Thydian Civil War, named for the founding Arling it. In general, the alliance was built on the foundational belief that Kerlbror is the rightful heir needed by Theydim, or those supporting him.

A mere generation ago, Arlings used to change boundaries based on towns and regions petitioning another Arle to claim their town or region, reflecting the people's views of their local lords and the authority of those lords. Ostufer's faction believes in upholding this tradition, where the Capitolists have the Arlings locked into place with set, unnegotiable borders.

We depend on each other for trade, yes, and we depend on Arlings like Felkhath for more agricultural goods - that's why we deal in our more raw materials. We deal with the ocean and stone for the most part, we're not the wealth of Feroia - oh, sorry, I guess Feroia's wealth is more Capital's - so the prices made by a Merchant Guild to be unified across Theydim will ruin us. We don't have merchants coming through to stay at our cities, the smugglers cross through to get at the Arlings of Western Theydim, because they know we're poor.
Anything sold here, sells for far more over there. Merchants know this, and a guild would destroy the Thydian economy because we'd never afford anything, or the western Arlings would clean out the merchant's inventory and we'd still never afford anything.
— I'll decide who says this later Kerlbror or likely Antimerchantbacker



"Many Under One"

Founding Date
7.31 3A
Alliance, Generic
Alternative Names
Predecessor Organization
"Osts", "Ostufers," East
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Head of Government
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Core Members

  • Ostufer

    • Ostufer is the founding Arling, led by Kerlbror for the last decade.

    • Minor Arling L

      • Small Arling, shares border with Alleklint and once shared a border with Ertsklif. Mostly based on some Arfosian Mines, useful for maintaining Gem Scroll Spell Storing and Warforged.

        Alleklint tried to invade, but was thrown out of Ostufer's faction when L petitioned to Kerlbror for the smaller arling to be taken in and protected. As L is primarily based on its mines, their Arle has been vocal in fighting against Magnusdotr's proposed Thydian Merchant Guild.

        "Pfft, she wants to control your coin, your very livelihood. She's lived high up in Oestopti and Estopti Cities, all her life. She doesn't know how real people live down and out here. City people deal in coin - coin won't fill your belly or plow your field. Her "Guild" is little more than thieves given permission to steal your hard work and labor."
    • Minor Arling K

      • Borders Zimaskog. Something shoreline, something port town, something resources from across the sea/ocean/Lyraine Doesn't Know What that Body of Water Is.

  • Stendal

    • Stone plainsland area, not great for farming, has more mines that have been pulling up gabbro during more recent years, was once a region known for mining copper, but now pulls the black stone and false-copper instead of, leading to stories of ill luck and a rise in people following dwarven superstitions involving luck.

      Has been sending building materials to Ertskliff to help reinforce the southern defenses

    "Maybe the Dwarves had a point, and that mining is a business where luck is needed. We'll do what we need to do in order to bring luck to ourside. We'll become great again, my High King, and we will bring coin into your coffers."
    — Arle of Stendal to Kerlbror
  • Ertsklif

    • Something about the Five Cities encroaching on borders, but finding more limestone or something biological resource that's not food stuff.

      Been gaining support from Stendal with building materials to aid in reinforcing southern border defenses.

    Something about the Five Cities, borders, and Marmalade Merchants

    Letter Container

Former Members


  • Alleklint

    • Alleklint was ejected from the alliance as a result of being overly aggressive in "encouraging" other Arlings to support Kerlbror's bid. After being ejected, Alleklint has begun a campaign to remove the position of High King and the idea of a unified Theydim.

  • "I do not condone wanton invasions. If a failing Arling invites you, there would be no need for an invasion, no need to take the Arling by force. For all your support, I thank you, but I will not support you if your intentions are only to grow your own borders and pretend it is in the name of my bid for High King."

    - note from Kerlbror to Arle Lisedotr of Alleklint

History of the Civil War

High King Magnus the Red-Eyed died while on a tour of Theydim. Upon his deathbed, according to Kerlbror, Magnus named him heir to the position of High King instead of Magnusdotr. Kerlbror sent word of the High King's death and deathbed proclaimation with messengers escorted by one of his skilled troops.

Magnusdotr and her supporters have decried Kerlbror's claim as false, a usurption of her inheritance, going as far as whisper Kerlbror murdered the High King in order to drive Theydim into Chaos. Magnusdotr has denied the rumors she had begun the story of her father being murdered, though she supposedly admitted she would not be surprised if Kerlbror had done so.

The Thydian Civil War began.

The first year of the war was a scramble for allies, and Kerlbror discovered Alleklint was taking advantage of his belief the borders of Arlings should adjust based on how well an Arle can defend their lands, and the Arling was removed from the emerging alliance. Arle Lisedotr of Alleklint didn't let her ambition falter and instead turned ambition into a new, disruptive alliance.

Alleklint was never a strong Arling until more recently, but we can hold our own - and we will. You claimed you supported the old traditional ways - I was doing exactly that. Should I have claimed those lands in your name instead of the name of my own Arling? If that was your view, then it would be best if Theydim dissolved back into independent Arlings once more. Then we will see who is an Arle worth the loyalty.

-Arle Lisedotr to Kerlbror

Under the terms of the Treaty, Magnusdotr, Kerlbror, or the Uncrowned must have the allegiance of most/all Arles in Theydim by the end of the second cycle after the previous High King's death, or Theydim will dissolve into independent Arlings.


Diplomacy Webs


Factions in the War

Atemkyst and Fjellstrand are staying out of the civil war to the best of their abilities. Leaders:
*The Uncrowned do not have a specified leader and operate as a council, though Stormwatch is known as one of the better speakers on the matter
** Felkhath has been staying out of the war until Capitolist and Ostufer forces besieged the capital city
*** The Independents do not have a leader of they rally around, as they generally believe in not someone to unify under


Internal Relations



Overall Thydian web of alliances and war

Articles under Ostufer's Faction

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