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The Kingdom of Tormyra

Tormyra might be the oldest of the nations still standing. If it really has only had one dynasty in its history. His Late Highness is always refusing to answer anything about that.


Tormyra has an uncertain founding date, but it is believed the kingdom was founded in the final days of the Adrakian Empire.


Tormyra as a nation is ruled by the Royal Family, supposedly founded by His Late Highness Michinus Mirakonan though records of his own rise to the throne has not been well preserved outside of his own personal library.

The rest of Tormyra is divided into holdings under various titles. The holdings are in turn ruled by their titled nobility with some oversight by the ruling family, but are mostly independent.

Mage and Non-Mage Laws

Most of the laws are written by people of power, and in Tormyra, magic is power. The upperclass of society are mages who try to sponsor, adopt, or become more powerful mages.


The Royal Family

The Royal Family has a reputation for their negotiation skills and long memories. Very few hold epithets like "the Wise" due to most people attributing the family's historical wisdom towards following Nyche, the Blue Goddess and her domain.

As fitting with the social structure of mages holding most of the political power, the royal family tend to be powerful mages. Others have been Goddess Champions.

His Late Highness, Michinus Mirakonan
Will you survive the consequences of my wrath?

For the divine wisdom granted to his descendents, rebellions and uprisings have been ended by the reminder of his presence. The ancient Undead King abdicated his throne to his heir and walks the kingdom still, protecting what he has viewed as "his" or "his family's." He has been rumored to have thwarted plans by the death goddess Zyrian.

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