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Eyes of Nyche

"The Eyes are an old organization. We see everything, every secret, every pride."
The formal dark gray uniform of the Eyes of Nyche seeps around the city, bringing the air of growing shadows and fog. Members of the Eyes rarely wear their uniforms in great numbers when individual parts can be mixed into a regular civilian or military uniform, if worn at all. Very few Eyes or higher ranks wear the gray tunic outside of formal events, when most wear the boots, the pants, the belt, or the bracers.
The most well known members include Forest Elves like Captain Viorr.


Sealed Scroll
The Eyes of Nyche are organized into cells of Eyes who all report to an Iris. Irises report to Officers, who are generally known to be members of the Eyes, having made their careers within the Eyes of Nyche more than as any other career.
Members of the Eyes of Nyche have been known to settle into other occupations - bartenders, smiths, shop keepers, farmers, soldiers, city guards, prostitutes. When information comes from "Settled" Eyes, the information is marked as coming from "a source" as opposed to "Wandering" Eyes who delve undercover to complete missions or gather specific information.
The total number of members in the Eyes is generally not kept in records, though some cities may have out-of-date estimations of how many Eyes are in their own city.
It is said no Eye ever is truly retired, merely called upon for fewer and fewer reports until they only send in a report when something is of note, or out of habit.
"What if I want to join the Eyes?"
"You don't join the Eyes. You are one, or you're not."
"Like, they're born into it, like royalty?"
"I ... don't know. But what's so wrong with being an Alchemist?"
"Nothing, but I wanna help the guards without being one."
"Then just follow the laws and help their investigations. Flashy folk like Lucan Stellos are the few known eyes who don't wind up dead by being known."
"..the alchemist's daughter has expressed an interest in joining the Eyes when she comes of age, but her enthusiasm seems to be more enamored with the idea of adventure. Still being a child, it is highly recommended all Eye of Nyche activity around her be more subdued until the threats of the real world are more apparent. Estimation - 10-15 years.
"The alchemist, however, is concerning as he seems more aware of the Eyes' activities. Perhaps he is an agent on the verge of being Unmasked and in need of retirement?"

Public Agenda

We serve the Crown, we serve Tormyra, we serve Nyche.
— Full-form of the motto
The Eyes of Nyche are both a branch of the Tormian military, and a part of each city's guards. While active in law enforcement or military action, the Eyes are information-gathering forces.
"Are we sure gathering information is all the Eyes do? What if they're feeding us misinformation?"
"Did you just accuse an entire organization of treason?"
"N-no sir."
"I thought as much. We're fighting a war with everyone else, they don't need us fighting ourselves too.
The Commander of the Royal Family Guard is the assumed leader of the Eyes of Nyche.
"Commander Maia has to be the leader of the Eyes. With a few obvious exceptions, everyone knows the mask-wearing Forest Elves make the best spies. No one knows what they really look like. How anyone can trust any of them is beyond me.
— Gossips


Very few official reports come from the Eyes to the general populace, leading to rumors of hidden caches and secret passageways through Tormyra that would lead to treasures.
"Deceased seems to have died from drowning, or from some other water-related accident. Locals were nervous, but reported that there was a rumor some traveler had mentioned of a cache belonging to the Eyes that was in some secret underwater cavern in the river."
— Guard Report


A young Prince of Tormyra to a peer, overheard by Eyes.
"The history of the Eyes is one forgotten. I'm not even sure my ancestor knows when they were founded. Or he does, but he enjoys us being mortal enough to forget things. Or he forgot it. Everyone keeps calling him the First King of The Kingdom of Tormyra and he either doesn't respond to it, or looks at them like they're idiots."
"How does he look at them like they're idiots? Does he even have eyes anymore?"
"You don't need eyes, duh."
"They're still super old. And one day, you'll be getting their reports too, right?"
"Why are you asking so much about the Eyes?"

The Crown. Tomrya. Nyche.

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