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Tormian Military

Tormyra's military, when compared to the militaries of other governments, is a monolith in terms of how the ranks are arranged. In the ancient days after the Adrakian Empire fell, Tormyra had divided into the High Elves, the Nomadic Elves, and the Forest Elves as individual groups and those who lived with them, but sometime in the ancient days (often accredited to His Late Highness Michinus' reign) Tormyra was united into a singular rule, and the military of Tormyra was unified.
Where the other governments' militaries are made of armies bound to specific regions, and more likely going against each other than facing battles outside of their borders, Tormyra's military had been set up to reinforce their forces as being Tormian's military, not the military of the High Elves, not the military of the Forest Elves, nor the military of the Nomadic Elves.
Mich has refused to take credit for unifying the Tormian military.

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