Nomadic Elves

"We are the wanderers who remember the histories of our people before the Kingdom of Tormyra was established. We walk as our ancestors did, to remember them, and where they died."
— Scribe Idna
"Your so-called nomadic elves are just spies by another name, and the fact you expect them to just be allowed to wander around our lands freely and without question is just an insult to our intelligence."

Nomadic Elven base Ethnicities


Culture and cultural heritage

"Shhh, hold still, or the pattern will change. I know the needles sting and the ink itches."
"Will mine look like yours, mama?"
"Yes, but also like your father's, as you are our child. Now, hold still, I need both hands to strike the ink in properly for this part."

Common Dress code

"A skirt would be torn, or in my way as I move. Our traditional robes do not reach below our knees, and we protect our legs as a skirt or gown could not."

Cover image: by Lyraine Alei, Midjourney


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