Arle of Atemkyst

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Our home is not an easy place to live. It's said the winds carve years into our faces, and the cold hardens our hearts to the plights of others. When you took our homes, you did not show your plight, you showed yourself to be petty. Your father won us over by understanding a bit more of who we are. We are not as soft as you Easterners.
— Arle NAME SURNAME of Atemkyst to Arle Tilde Magnusdotr of Capital

Physical Description

Identifying Characteristics

SURNAME's ancestors include Nomadic Elves, where their traditions of Tattoos had been passed down and melded into the Thydian tattoo traditions.

This has resulted in SURNAME wearing tattoos indicating ancestry as is the Elven tradition, but also indicating the legacy of the Arling and the Arles who came before them. Theydim in its many forms has carried traditions where war paint and tattoos are worn with the belief they would give the wearer extra traits, and SURNAME's family was no exception to the group who inked tattoos instead of warpaint.

Facial Features

SURNAME is easily identified by their northern-bear-styled facial tattoos.

The northern white bear is a patient hunter, but is also one not to be mistaken for lazy. I inked my face to grant me the patience towards those who seek to dissuade me from the proper path, and for the strength to destroy any who threaten me or mine.

Body Features

SURNAME lost their right arm to a shark attack, and now wears a prosthetic limb based on Warforged construction. The arm has been engraved to carry the same marks as the original had inked into the skin.

Apparel & Accessories

While many may consider Atemkyst to be more barbaric than their eastern Thydians, their Arle embraces the view and has often stunned the court of the High King by wearing bone and leather in a mockery of the then-Thydian fashion. When Thydians tried to take on the Goltherine fashion of slimming down one's waist, SURNAME commissioned their bone weavers to craft a corset where the bones used to form the silhouette became the focus more than the act of forcible slimming.

Specialized Equipment

Their arm requires periodic repair and maintenance, though they've learned some of the skills to perform basic repairs. SURNAME has often opposed recommendations to hide away the artificial arm and prefers to let others know the arm is a mechanical wonder and encourage inquiry.

Bah, it's a good story - we were out on a regular fishing trip....
"Are you sure you can't learn the forged smith craft? You're a clever mage, and from my understanding, they're also mages."
"No, Arle. They are mages, and I am a mage, but they have a crafted skill that takes time to master at even the level of an early apprentice. Every one of the forged smith I have ever met are masters of the forge, while I do not have their fortitude and strength at this time."
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