"Shhh, hold still, or the pattern will change. I know the needles sting and ink itches."
"Will mine look like yours, mama?"
"Yess, but also like your father's, as you are out child. Now, hold still, I need both hands to strike the ink in properly for this part."
Among the traditionalist Nomadic Elves, one can judge a person by their looks, because their life story is inked onto their skin.


Familial and Life History

Most tattoos are familial markings, a record of one's legacy to pass on to a child - adopted or otherwise - added while young. Throughout a person's life once they've reach adulthood for their species, ink depicting major events of their life is added as the events occur.


From looking at the tattoos, a person can determine what another does for a living.   Mages are indicated by ink depicting how their magic visually manifests or how the caster feels their magic manifests by symbols for the less visual magic.


Throughout life, various protections are added to the skin of a person. A particularly clumsy child will have symbols of Wind and the deity's aspect of change to encourage the gods to help protect the child. A soldier will ink the symbolic image of animals who possess traits the soldier hopes to express or traits the soldier hopes will ward away misfortune.

The Application, Care, and Restoration

When a tattoo is damaged from injury or distorted by time, the ink must be reapplied and the designs rebuilt to accomodate the damage.
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