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Atemkyst Arling

Atemkyst is the northern region west of the World Spine Mountains on the west side of Capital's border. In the recent past, Capital had taken the eastern mountain region of Atemkyst in an attempt to force the Arling towards an alliance between the two.

The region is often considered to be a hard wasteland of Theydim - one often considered to be more ice than land.

I swear, even the trees hide from our winds - look at them, huddling together and into the mountains for protection.

The interior of Atemkyst has been described as desolate in the winter, but reasonable herding lands in the summer.


There aren't many Adrakian ruins in Atemkyst, though many believe the reason is because the region was less habitable during the height of the Empire's days.

There are, however, ruins that do not follow the Adrakian building pattern and seem to be a mix of two different cultures before they were abandoned.

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