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Port Frostfind

"Port Frostfind, capital of NorthSea Arling under the Arle Stormwatch. You want sailors brave enough to face ice and storm, then you want sailors from Frostfind."
Port Frostfind is a city that is young compared to many cities in Theydim, with its founding being only within the last three centuries compared to the millenia old Feroian Keep, or Oakenfield that had been abandonned and resettled over time in its history. When Port Frostfind was a smaller Port Town, it was nearly destroyed by forces of nature and fools, and then rebuilt every time. To prevent the disasters from happening again, the town was rebuilt with new measures.


One of the major industries of the city is fishing and whaling, as a single whale could provide food to feed the whole town and materials to make goods. As whale oils were found to be of value as a lubricant used on machinery, Port Frostfind grew to be a larger town.
One minor disaster that had crippled the then-growing town a century and a half ago by taking out the docks was when a whale carcass had surfaced under the market-docks and caught itself among the support posts and continued to decay. People had complained about the smell, even as it was the dead of winter, until one day, the docks exploded with rotting flesh and viscera throwing wooden planks and splinters into other ships and one house. To prevent similar events, Port Frostfind build docks without larger walkways than six Human men walking abreast, and the posts have been reinforced with cross-posts to block large objects from floating under the docks. Market-Docks have not been rebuilt, instead local fishermen and whalers who sell their day's or week's catches built merchant stands and dock their boats or a smaller "representative" boats close to those main-land merchant stands.
Because of the Docks Disaster, the carcasses of whales are towed towards deeper waters and the currents away from Port Frostfind. Most Whaling ships try to harvest what they can while towing the carcass, but the product is generally of lower quality.

Natural Disasters

Port Frostfind has faced storms, waves, and ice crashing its shores and wreaking havoc through its history. The Dockmaster and their crew are tasked with watching for storms, the tides, and ice.


Storms have taught the people to keep their boasts ships within specially made barrels to prevent vessel-to-vessel or dock-to-vessel damage, though some larger ships set sail before a storm arrives because their captains feel they can better weather the storm on open waters.
One storm, called the First Storm despite not being the first storm to batter the town, dawned with the docks destroyed, ships in unsailable conditions, and many of the sailors found drowned in the harbor. The storm had winds strong enough a figure head of a ship was skewerd into a nearby home. Since that storm, houses and buildings have been build from stone and have storm cellers leading into an underground network that leads to the town gate facing the Lognefjalls so people can evacuate.


With three moons, the tides of Corive go from being stable to being at extremes periodically. The extreme tides have taught the people to track the tides and set their vessels to sail on the tides - in the case of vessel owners not being present to sail their craft, the Arle's Dockmaster will permit individuals who are trusted to be honest to sail the craft.


To the north of Port Frostfind, the North Sea carries iceburgs along its currents, and from time to time, ice floes find their way heading towards the docks. When ice is found floating towards the docks, mages are either sent to melt the ice, or various crafts are gathered up to tow the ice away from the city.

Locations within Port Frostfind

Lemon Cod Market

The Lemon Cod Market is the Market-Dock replacement, where fishermen and whalers sell their catches directly to their merchants and customers. Across the street, restaraunts have been built to cook up the fish, or to provide sailors, mechants, visitors, and families with a meal or two. The restaurants also provide an aromatic lure and examples of what the local catch could be cooked into. There are artisans and performers who have taken to using the street as a place for them to sell their work, or to demonstrate their abilities.
The market was named for a merchant who had decided to start up a restaurant after his wife had brought him a lunch that drew a crowd of individuals to follow her. The first lunch was based on cod purchased from the fishermen the merchant was in the middle of making a deal with, but his wife was the one everyone was interested into speaking to.

Lemon's Feast

The Merchant, Lemon, started up a restaurant for his wife who was delighted people would be willing to pay for her cooking. The restaurant still stands, over a hundred and fifty years later.
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